Speaking of Blur

Selective Blur

Ever heard of Selective blur (also known as selective focus)?  For the above photo I wanted to get a nice shot of Alison and Abigail.  I also wanted to emphasize that Abigail was younger, and that Alison was, to an extent, always going to be in the background to watch after her little sister.  What I decided to do was to place Alison behind Abigail, and then give strong focus to Abigail’s face so that Alison would be sort of like a blurred shadow behind her.  So I pointed by camera at Abigail, let the auto focus do its job, then I turned the camera back to frame the girls together.  Snap, I took the shot.  What I could have done to get an even stronger blur on Alison would have been to choose a lens with a smaller F-stop.  The lens I used for this shot had a maximum F-stop of something like 4.5.  But, the bigger the F-stop, the more things will be in focus.  I have a 50mm lens with an F-stop of 1.8.  Had I used this lens, Alison would have been far more unfocused, but Abigail would look much the same.  I think I’ll reshoot this with the 50mm so that I can show exactly what I mean.  My advice to you….go out and start to experiment with selective focus.  I think you’ll have fun and learn a lot from the results.

Here’s a link I found to a really nice example on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mactographer/5377573016/in/photostream/

    • alexis hurtado
    • May 4th, 2011

    Hey Mr.blakee its me alexisss your pictures are awseomeee:D

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