What to shoot…

There is no subject per se. What there is are the subjects we create. I found the window above, and started thinking about natural frames. The plant seemed to be a natural for this type of rendering. The window was a perfect frame to outline the plant. It’s colors and hard borders would lead the viewers’ eyes into the photo very naturally. So, I held my breath, composed the picture, and shot. It is a picture of nothing, really, just a plant in a window, but I like it. So, what is worth shooting? Whatever gives you pleasure. The real question is how do you shot it once you find it.

Trapped Plant-2 by ThisPhotoDaddy
Trapped Plant-2, a photo by ThisPhotoDaddy on Flickr.

What should I take a picture of.

  1. A beautiful rendering of a simple subject … that ALWAYS works. I am constantly reminded ( … and re-reminded: KISS … Keep It Simple Stupid). 65 years old (and counting), and I still need to be reminded.

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