What to shoot….

Through this door...

Maybe the toughest part about photography is figuring out what to shoot.  Of course we can always take pictures of our family and friends, but for many of us there comes that moment when our eyes peer out into the distance and we realize there is so much more that has yet to be explored by our lenses.  It is that moment that our focus seeps away from our loved ones to find a blade of grass, the tendril of plant, or a cigarette butt crushed onto the pavement.

So what do we shoot.  My advise is to look for geometry.  Look for squares, rectangles, circles.  Learn the rule of thirds, and consider the value of a line that leads the eye to a subject that might otherwise have been missed.  In the picture above, it’s just a door.  But the railing forms just such a line, and the stairs, too lead up to that door.  There is no way to avoid it, and the title, too (I hope), leads to something–a question.  Through this door…What?  That’s for the viewer to answer, because, frankly, I don’t know.

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