Fill The Frame

3 examples of how you can approach a subject.



When you read enough photography magazines and articles, you will begin to hear certain terms over and over again. At some point, you are going to hear one particular term and will finally ask yourself, what exactly does that mean? For me, the term was “Fill the Frame.” One day, I sat a bit and thought about the term, and suddenly the meaning occurred to me. It means exactly what it says. You take a picture, and you make sure your subject fills the entire frame of the camera. Looking at the 3 pictures above, you can see very clearly why this is important. In the first example, we see an ok picture, but in my opinion, it looks like a typical snapshot, and, hence, there is nothing memorable about it. The second shot is better. I came in closer, and the image does fill the frame in the sense that the fish sweep from right to left and top to bottom. The third shot, though, to me at least, seems more dramatic then the first two.

So, what does this mean? It doesn’t mean that every picture you take should be like #3 above. But, it does suggest that if you want to change things up a bit, and, perhaps, add a new look to your stock of photographs, it would do you well at least occasionally get in close, fill that frame, and leave every one in awe of your outstanding photographic eye.

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