Zoo Animals

I Went to the zoo tonight.  What I discovered is that night time is the right time for a zoo visit.  The park was relatively empty, I had a couple good flashes with me, and I was able to get the attached photos.


I especially like the lions.  I wanted to emphasize their toughness, so I processed with a lot of contrast to really bring out the power of the beasts (actually, the beast, as I was able to photograph only one lion).


The Hippo was especially difficult to photograph due to it’s being placed behind a tinted and very scratched plastic cage.  So, the above is the best I could do to compensate for a nearly impossible shot.


Of course the animals comes in all shapes, sizes, and species.  The one above seems very dangerous to me.


This is a mother and her calf.





I invite any comments, criticisms, and especially captions for the above photos.

  1. The portrait of the Street Artist is stupendous! The Lions fill me with sadness for some reason. I love the shots, but they affect me emotionally somehow (which a great photo should do). Maybe I am imagining the “back-story.” Someone recently posted a photo on FB (head shot) of a dog … very said looking. Turns out that the back-story was: A photographer in Taiwan was photographing dogs just minutes before they were killed. Broke my heart. SFD

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