Where to find a picture

There is plenty to photograph all around you

I was walking down a street in New Mexico, wondering what I would shoot.  After all, New Mexico, especially Santa Fe, is known world-wide for its blue skies and Red Adobe walls.   Try as I might, though, I just couldn’t find much to interest me.  The problem, it now occurs to me, was that everything that seemed worth shooting had already been shot.  I was really frustrated.  But then I turned a corner and saw this shadow.  It perplexed me.  I couldn’t figure out why it was there…what was causing it…  Then I realized it was being thrown onto the walls of an old church, and it the serendipity struck me immediately.  I took the picture, and still count it as one that I especially like.  Interestingly, when I traced the shadow to its source, I discovered a sign that read, “No entrance.”  Makes the picture just a bit more ironic, I think.

I guess the lesson here, if there is one, is that there is plenty worth shooting.  All the good pictures have not been taken.  Note that there is nothing special about this picture in terms of software, editing, Apps, or the like.  It’s just a picture of a shadow being cast upon a wall, yet it seems to suggest so much more (to me at least).

So my advice?  Get out there, and take some pictures.  Keep your eyes open, and your mind clear.  The more you shoot, the more you’ll see worth shooting, I promise.

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