How the Earth Holds Me

How the Earth Holds Me

A meadow in Yosemite

It’s hard to believe that nearly the whole month has slipped by without posting.  I promised myself I’d keep up with this blog, and was doing fairly well until starting a business took over my life.  Tonight, for the first time in weeks, I carved out an hour to go over my pictures from Yosemite.  I’ve already got another camping trip planned (Mammoth), and I haven’t even begun to really sort out the pictures from Yosemite.

The lessons I’ve learned thus far from trying to get this photography thing going:

1. It’s hard.  That has by no means left me with any regrets.  I expected it to be hard, and don’t think yet that I’ve even begun to feel the weight of the real challenge ahead.  But I believe that there is room in all the noise of photographic static that digital age has created for a clear voice.  And I believe I have that clear voice to offer.

2. It’s time consuming.  I work all day, and the room I so looked forward to creating for myself…that quiet place without disruptions…has become a dungeon, and I am it’s sole prisoner most of the day.  My arms tied to my editing pen and keyboard, at least 2 monitors lighting me as I check emails, research photo techniques and opportunities, edit pictures, respond to various inquiries, submit photos to various sites, and wonder why things are moving so slowly when I am exerting so much effort. Sisyphus comes to mind, but in the end, I remind myself, Camus made him a sort of hero.  Work on!

3. I don’t miss what I used to do.  I look forward each day to what I currently do.  I just wish there was a quicker way to make a living doing what I now do.

4. God has a voice that cannot be heard with the ears, but can only be heard through His actions.  Again and again, I have prayed, and those prayers have been answered almost as soon as my eyes open the next morning.  I know the research on prayer, and I know that many people believe we speak to a long-dead void and an absent messiah when those prayers are uttered.  But all I know is that I’ve had prayers heard and fulfilled.

5. Feedback is best when it’s honest and when it comes.  Your feedback on the above photo will make me make a better picture next time I go out, so please, let me know what you think.


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